Deal with your audience

If you noticed the change in your customers’ behavior and want to extract particular patterns or to gain other valuable insights.

Find your path

If you want to gain the most of data science and looking for smart systems to help you with this task.

Optimize your efforts

When you look for different ways to automate business processes in your company/organization.

Choose right trend

If your company processes large amounts of information but do not have a sufficient system to structure it correctly.



Whether you need to automate your processes, scale your products, or create a new digital product from scratch — we at VAREGER do our best to guide our clients in this adventure to reach success together.

Artificial Intelligence — 

AI is a constellation of smart solutions, which enable machines to perform particular functions with the help of special algorithms.

To get the best of new tech, you need a smart strategy in place and a well-thought-out tactic. With so many years under our belt, we know exactly how to help startups, as well as well-established enterprises, succeed in the global market.

Computer Vision — 

A revolutionary technology that deals with the way machines can identify content, process the information, and deliver the required results to humans.

With solid expertise in the industry, the Vareger team of software engineers has all the necessary knowledge and experience to develop a computer vision system that will bring value to your company.

Deep Learning — 

A subfield of machine learning, which enables computers to learn directly from real-world content, such as sounds, images, texts, etc.

These models lie in the core of all the innovations, such as self-driving cars or voice control. Whenever you’re looking for the team to make your idea come alive, contact Vareger and get the advantage of our extensive experience and expertise.

Machine Learning — 

A set of AI algorithms and statistical models that are applied by computer systems to perform a particular function without explicit human involvement.

Want to keep up with the pace of progress and catch on to all the latest trends on the market? Reach out to Vareger and we’ll create a custom solution that aligns with your business needs and objectives.

Predictive Algorythms — 

An essential part of predictive analytics, which can be best defined as the field of science that deals with data analytics and processing.

Whenever you require support in developing prediction algorithms or need an expert view on your project, reach out to the Vareger team and we’ll be glad to provide you with the necessary support.

Image Processing — 

Various manipulations with visual content to extract particular data or get an enhanced image.

This tech was actively applied in such fields as engineering and computer science. If you’re interested in such services, contact our specialists and they will provide you with consultancy and come up with the solution to meet your business needs.

Natural Language Processing —

A subfield of artificial intelligence that deals with the recognition, understanding, and deriving meaning from various languages.

NLP is developing rapidly as this technology has already impacted lots of industries and disciplines. Reach out to us to get high-quality consultancy and get your idea implemented with a team of skilled and seasoned software engineers!

Data Mining —

The process of analyzing large amounts of data and finding correlations between its sets and patterns.

To get the most of data mining, you require to conduct thorough market research and set clear objectives for your business. Vareger specialists have all the necessary resources to develop a mining plan that will provide you with valuable insights.

Data Visualization/BI —

A set of instruments aimed to extract data, process it, send it to storage and transform it into visual assets that can be further presented to the user.

Most of the tools are complicated or do not fit a particular domain. The best solution is to build a custom system to serve your specific needs. Vareger team is glad to put its experience and expertise to provide you with best-in-class services.





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+372 50 28 489

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Valukoja tn 8/2, 11415


+372 50 28 489

Tallinn, Estonia

Valukoja tn 8/2, 11415

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